Changing my lifestyle didn’t come all at once; it was hard at first because I didn’t know how to make it easy for myself. I went down the trip of trying all these diets and having meal replacement shakes. I was dissatisfied and unhappy. Yes, I was losing weight, but I soon realized that it wasn’t the goal. That is when I decided to try out eating balanced and whole foods.
 Eventually, I didn’t rapidly cut everything out and go on a strict diet. I slowly started cutting things out of my life that was unhealthy and started making food choices that were healthier, cleaner and more fulfilling. Shifting my diet took me a year – not to lose weight but to transform my lifestyle slowly. This change was not about how I looked at myself in the mirror, much rather what I was trying to change within, to be a more confident me. I have curated a meticulous selection of all the healthy food choices that helped me get through some of the most challenging phases of my transformation – and it’s a little eatery called Peroz.
Healthy food is looked at differently – mostly dull. Many of you feel that way, and Peroz exists just to change that. Foodies, can’t just go on a calorie deficit, they don’t want to compromise on the taste. We hope that everyone will enjoy what they are eating at Peroz while feeling happy about themselves and their diet. What we eat helps shape our mood and mental health. Why not make the better choice, be yourself and be happy doing so?